The preliminary program

Plenum1 – Introduction

  • Overall status of confectionery development in the EU/worldwide
  • Holistic approach establishing and running a Cocoa Farm
  • When sustainability meets quality to create a real impact on cocoa farmers and the planet
  • New Hazelnut Cultivars from Oregon State University
  • New insights into the behavior of chocolate under stress in the oral cavity by differentiating rheological and tribological aspects
  • Cocoa-free chocolate from the retailer’s perspective
  • EUDR: Explanation of the new regulation

Raw material cocoa

  • The Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease and its impact on peasant cocoa culture in West Africa
  • Potential but also limitations of functional microbial cultures in the fermentation of cocoa beans – Insights into laboratory and field trials

Raw material hazelnut

  • Hazelnuts from Oregon (USA)
  • Sustainability of hazelnuts from Turkey – the way forward

Cocoa and chocolate processing technology

  • In-line measurement of crystallization during cooling of filled chocolate products
  • Unravelling the complexity of cocoa flavor development
    An analysis of the network of main and smaller impact factors along the processing chain
  • AI – supported confectionery production

Filling fats

  • New insights into palm based cool melting filling fats
  • Oleogels – fat substitutes for fillings

Finished product chocolate

  • Proficiency Testing for Sensory Evaluation of Cocoa and Chocolate Products – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Measuring and reducing oil mobility in nuts and nut products

Alternative raw materials to classic chocolate

  • Chocolate like Indulgence Based on Oats
  • Sustainable cocoa-free chocolate from fava beans
  • Cell-based chocolate

Cocoa quality

  • Digital Evaluation of Cocoa Cut Tests: Lessons from Practice
  • Precision Cocoa Bean de-shelling: Key to Sustainable Quality Control


  • Migration through fiber-based raw materials
  • The consequences of the PPWR (Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation)

News from the world of science

  • Investigation of the total content of polyphenols in cocoa beans of different origins
  • Monitoring changes in the volatile profile of Ecuadorian cocoa during different steps in traditional agricultural processing

Quality-supported processes

  • Camera methods Detect product defects (nut distribution, over/underfilling, deviating shapes, etc.) and process them with AI
  • Fat bloom solutions

Plenum2 – Vision for the future

  • Impending BPA ban in chocolate moulds
  • Cocoa regulation vs. Sustainability
  • Cocoa/chocolate supply chain and its impact, e.g. on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Understanding sweetness perception from a sensory and neurophysiological perspective
  • AI and recipe or process creation